California White Sage Bundle


California White Sage Bundle XL

Sage is one of the most sacred herbs among Indigenous North American peoples. The smoldering sage is used in the energy cleansing ritual known as smudging or purification. This Sage is harvested with the utmost care and respect for the environment.These large bundles are approximately 8″ to “9 inches in length.


California White Sage Bundle For Cleansing & Purification

The California White Sage Smudge Bundle can be lit to smudge then extinguished in sand or water for use again. The Sage is hand picked, wild gathered and each bundle is carefully hand tied and given a blessing. These bundles are approximately 8″ to “9 inches in length.


The use of sage smoke is to bless, cleanse and heal the person, space or object being smudged. Sage is used to ‘wash off’ the outside world when one enters ceremony or other sacred space. Objects are washed off with sage medicine smoke to rid them of unwanted influences. The plants that are called sage can come from very different families of plants. True sages are in the genus of Salvia; this includes Salvia Officinalis (garden sage) and Salvia Apiana (White Sage), also called California White Sage and Sacred Sage. Many of the herbs called sage come from a completely different family of plants, the Asteracea family. This family brings us the genus of Artemisia from which come New Mexico Sage (Artemisia tridentada), and the sage from the Dakotas (Artemisia ludoviciana), also called Grey sage, Prairie sage, Dakota sage, Lakota Sage and mistakenly sometimes called White sage. All of these sages (Salvia and Artemisia) are used for healing and cleansing.


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