Who We Are


Greetings welcome to Xklusive Magik, the natural health collective geared towards healing by using ancient science and spiritual technology in a modern day world!!!


Xklusive Magik provides health products to promote natural health & healing. We promise to alchemically mix love, good vibrations, and positive energy to create our unique line of products that are high frequency and alkalized every time.  


We provide Pineal Gland Herbal Tonics, Sacred Plant Medicine, Seamoss, Natural Care Products, Indigenous Cultural Garments and Wellness Counseling. All our products are made with good intentions, positive energy and naturally sourced from righteous organic material.


Created by Mikhael “Magik” Ali in 2012, Xklusive Magik endorses family, health, creativity, spirituality and balance. Our goal is to provide health technology, spiritual science, and knowledge of self through creative art. A portion of our proceeds goes to providing Natural Energy Technology to Undeveloped Countries.



Here is a list of products we offer to provide natural health for your well being:



Magik Fungi Technology- Raw natural high frequency medicinal and spiritual fungi healing technology. Raises your emotional vibration. Balances your electro-magnetic frequency. Protects you from toxins and spiritual attacks. Promotes health and wellness within your spiritual and physical body.



Pineal Gland Tonic- All natural organic formula of heart calming “Shen” herbs harmoniously blended for heart and mind balance. Enjoy feeling a calm centering with creative alertness usually with 15-20 minutes of use. 2-4 week supply.



Melanated Culture Clothing- Original native clothing directly imported from indigenous nations across the globe. Unique cultural designs made with natural premiere eco-friendly quality fabric.  Allergen, toxin and chemical free.